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Commercial Law For Small And Medium Sized Business Owners

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Commercial Law For Small And Medium Sized Business Owners

Three Ways A Family Lawyer Can Help You With Applications For Spousal Maintenance In Australia

Daniel Young

The Australian family law system is based on the principle of equality. This means that the court will try to ensure an equal division of assets between divorcing parties. However, there are circumstances where one party may need some additional financial help. In these cases, an application for spousal maintenance can be made.

A family lawyer can help you with applications for spousal maintenance in Australia by ensuring that you provide all necessary information to the court and ensuring your application is complete. Here are three ways a family lawyer can help with applications for spousal maintenance in Australia:

1. A Family Lawyer Can Asses Your Situation

The first thing that your lawyer will do when assessing your situation is to take a look at all of the factors involved. These include things like your income, your assets, your future earning capacity and any debts or liabilities you have incurred during the marriage or relationship.

2. A Family Lawyer Can Calculate Your Needs And Wants

The next step is for your lawyer to calculate what your needs and wants are going to be. Parents may incur many costs related to having children, such as child care and education loans. Some people leave abusive relationships only to find themselves without a job or home. It also includes any debts you may have incurred during your marriage so that they can be included in your application. The court will then determine whether these needs and wants are reasonable under the circumstances or if they should be adjusted based on other factors involved in the case.

3. A Family Lawyer Can Assist With The Drafting Of Documents And Gathering Of Evidence

When you make an application for spousal maintenance in Australia, it is important that all documentation is presented in a clear and concise manner. A family lawyer will assist with this process by making sure that all necessary documentation has been completed accurately and on time. This includes preparing documents such as submissions and affidavits which must be submitted to the court along with your application.

In order for your application to be successful, you must prove that you have financial needs that cannot be met through other sources such as superannuation or investments. A family lawyer will help gather evidence as part of your application so that it is as strong as possible. This evidence could include bank statements and records of your income or affidavits from other people who can confirm your financial situation. 

Family law can be confusing when it comes to spousal maintenance in Australia. That is why you should seek legal advice. A family lawyer can help you navigate the laws that apply to your situation and provide the best possible outcome.

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