Commercial Law For Small And Medium Sized Business Owners
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Commercial Law For Small And Medium Sized Business Owners

Hello, my name is Robin and I own a medium sized business which is based in a suburb of Perth, Australia. Many business owners do not understand the importance of commercial law on their operations. I know that I certainly didn't when I set out. At first, this wasn't an issue but as my business grew, I realised that if I didn't teach myself about the legal rules in place and seek expert help, I would find myself in serious trouble. I got in touch with a great law firm who helped me to understand exactly what I needed to know. I decided to start this blog to help other business owners.


Commercial Law For Small And Medium Sized Business Owners

  • Should You Name Your Stepchildren In Your Will?

    5 December 2018

    While you may treat your stepchildren the same way as your natural children, the law may not. While you might assume that your stepchildren and children will share your estate when you die, this isn't always the case. If you want all your children to have equal shares, you may need to set out your wishes in your will. Do you need to name your stepchildren as beneficiaries, and what happens if you don't?


    26 September 2018

    There are various laws that define how the financial assets and liabilities of a deceased person should be handled. These include the inheritance of businesses, business liabilities, financial securities like shares and what taxes should be paid by the beneficiaries of the estate of the deceased. Debts In cases whereby the deceased had debt before their death, there are procedures to be followed. The administrator is required to pay for the funeral expenses of the deceased, cater for legal expenses, pay taxes and then pay any other debtors.

  • House Purchase: Three Critical Guidelines for Avoiding Legal Disputes

    1 May 2018

    The process of purchasing a home can be complex and challenging. If you do not handle the critical procedures with care, you could end up in legal disagreements relating to the acquired house. Therefore, if you are interested in acquiring a new residential structure, you should hire a property solicitor to help you navigate the buying process. This legal expert will help you avoid pitfalls in home purchasing which could cause financial ruin.

  • A Novice's Guide to The Conveyancing Process

    28 March 2018

    Are you new to the property buying process? There's a lot you may not know about what is involved in buying a property, which could mean making mistakes that will cost you quite significantly. One crucial element you may not be aware of is conveyancing. It's the process of transferring property ownership from one person or entity to another. The success of your property buying process sometimes depends on how effective the conveyancing process is.

  • Choosing a Wills Lawyer Who Will Properly Oversee Your Estate

    21 February 2018

    You probably already know the importance of having a will. It protects your estate after you pass away and ensures that your property is distributed according to your specific wishes. To ensure that your will is properly written and enacted, you need to work with a wills and estate lawyer who is not only qualified to act on your behalf, but is also aware of the specific needs and desires for your estate.