Commercial Law For Small And Medium Sized Business Owners
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Commercial Law For Small And Medium Sized Business Owners

Hello, my name is Robin and I own a medium sized business which is based in a suburb of Perth, Australia. Many business owners do not understand the importance of commercial law on their operations. I know that I certainly didn't when I set out. At first, this wasn't an issue but as my business grew, I realised that if I didn't teach myself about the legal rules in place and seek expert help, I would find myself in serious trouble. I got in touch with a great law firm who helped me to understand exactly what I needed to know. I decided to start this blog to help other business owners.


Commercial Law For Small And Medium Sized Business Owners

  • 3 Steps To Handle An Unfair Employment Termination Lawsuit

    29 March 2017

    As a small business order, you probably value all your employees and don't want to make the harsh decision to let anyone go. But unfortunately, circumstances beyond your control can arise, resulting in you being forced to let an employee go. A disgruntled employee can potentially slap you with an unfair employment termination lawsuit. Follow these steps to protect yourself. Resist The Temptation To Call Your Employee When you run a small business, you may have developed a personal rapport with employees.

  • 3 Efforts To Manage Grievances From Customers Against Your Retail Store

    24 March 2017

    Running your own retail store business gives you the freedom to be flexible with your timings and income, which is why a lot of people prefer to get out of the professional rat race. But when you're dealing directly with customers, there's always a chance that certain grievances are raised. Addressing these grievances in a timely manner is key to protecting your business reputation. While you may need to hire a commercial lawyer to help your situation, follow these efforts to properly manage grievances from customers.